Content marketing is a relatively popular form of marketing. It differs from traditional marketing tactics, and it is really gaining grounds and is quickly becoming the go-to way of marketing for businesses. So what exactly is content marketing? Ever heard of it? If you have, you probably have heard about Joe Pulizzi… and he probably was wearing orange when you saw him.

This type of marketing communicates with customers without actually selling to them. Content marketing is applied to various other types of marketing a business may use such as:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Strategies
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Content marketing comes in the form of news, videos, articles, blogs, photos, infographics, how-to guides, case studies etc. Proper content marketing is beneficial to businesses in so many ways it would be an injustice to your bottom line not to use.

Here are some reasons why content marketing rocks:

  1. Your business will find customers that you were unaware of. Gaining new customers is one of the biggest components behind marketing as a whole. Using content marketing does this well because you will be using helpful topics to gain their attention.
  2. Content marketing is a less expensive (but extremely effective) method of marketing.
  3. By using content marketing you can build a connection with your consumers on a personal level by sharing your own experiences and knowledge.
  4. Any company can use content marketing. If used well it can help any business grow and flourish.
  5. Content marketing can give you long-term consumer relationships because you can easily build on your successes by using social media and e-mail.
  6. Content marketing allows businesses the chance to experiment because it is a relatively inexpensive form of marketing. So you can experiment with different method and forms of content marketing.

Content marketing can be an asset to any business. It does have its tricky side. Content marketing takes time and research. It can easily become a trial and error method. But it is worth it because your product or service is being advertised without being advertised basically.

An example of content marketing would be if you had a vitamin store and had a health and fitness blog. The blog post or article could be How To Get Your Daily Vitamins In By Cooking With Them. By posting that blog post to your blog or Facebook you are not only sharing valuable information but also advertising the product or service. And a customer may not read it right away, or they may glance over it and bookmark it for a later time. Nonetheless, your product or service is in the back of their mind. So when they are seeking something in that area they will naturally come to you.

As you can see content marketing is a source that can become invaluable to any business big or small.

All you have to do is come up with engaging and informing content to present. Content marketing is not a make or break form marketing so any business has nothing to lose by using this method as part of their marketing strategy.

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