OMG_10th_logo_300dpi-1024x356Thank YOU for being part of our success story (or considering joining it in the future). As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, I want to recognize 10 things for which I am grateful. Actually, there were more. I had to trim the list to get to 10.

Our People and Leadership: We have been fortunate to have many highly talented and committed people on our team over the years. They are great at what they do and they demonstrate leadership every day even if leading is not part of their official role. Some have moved on to other opportunities, but they have each left their unique mark on the culture of our business.

Our Clients: We work with many kinds of clients and management teams and we have learned much. We enjoy many long-standing relationships characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. Our clients are market leaders and market disrupters in healthcare, education, manufacturing, healthy foods and consumer brands.

Our Awards: We have won many local and national awards based on creativity for its own sake, but the ones I appreciate the most are the ones based on real results. The American Marketing Association in Pittsburgh has presented our clients with “Marketer of the Year” trophies for three years in a row (Consumer, Manufacturing, Education), as well as “Grand Marketer of the Year” for 2013. The Florida Public Relations Association has honored us with its prestigious Image Awards (Healthcare) and Grand All Image Award (Consumer).

Our Growth: We’ve had ups and downs like any business, but overall we have enjoyed steady, debt-free growth and been on the right side of technology advancements. Along the way, we have built sophisticated service offerings in strategy development, market research, advertising and design, PR and social media, web development and digital marketing. We have also added in-house video production services to put high-quality video content within reach of clients with time or budget restraints that would have made outside production impossible.

Our Facilities: We moved our offices a few times before we found the right location, but our new headquarters in downtown Sarasota’s United States Garage–a lovingly converted 1920’s garage in the heart of our arts district–is an open, airy, skylit space perfect for creativity to thrive.

Our Capabilities: With my background in integrated marketing and digital, it made the most sense for Odato Marketing to be established as an integrated marketing agency. We are not a traditional agency that dabbles in digital, nor are we a web shop presenting as an agency. In the coming years, we will be tested again and again, and we will find new ways to combine digital opportunities that have not been invented yet with ever-evolving consumer behaviors and proven marketing principles.

Our Freelancers, Partners and Vendors: While most of our work is performed by our employees, we supplement that work with the help of long-term freelancers and outside partners who share our values of integrity, attitude, ideas and results. 

Our Unique Relationship with Genuity Group: Genuity Group is an advanced technology integration and mobile application development company we have collaborated with since day one. We are co-located in a shared office space and provide complimentary, but not competing, services to clients in the same industries.

Our Volunteer and Pro Bono Work: Over the years, we have provided tens of thousands of dollars worth of in-kind, pro bono and partial pro bono services to several local causes–especially those that provide healthcare for the poor, food and jobs for the hungry and support for children in need.

Our Portfolio and Reel: We are proud of the work we have created and the stories and people behind that work.

Again, a heartfelt thank YOU to our clients, colleagues, friends and families for your support, encouragement and partnership over the past ten years.

All the Best,

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Odato Marketing

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