Odato Marketing Group, an advertising, PR and Web agency operating in Sarasota and Pittsburgh, is launching StudioSarasota.com to highlight the firm’s expanded video production capabilities for companies that might not need to engage the full-service agency.

“In 2009, we recognized the growing need for high-quality multimedia Web content and began to offer in-house production for our clients,” says Odato Marketing president Rich Odato. “As we added talented people and the latest equipment and software, we realized that our production team could match or exceed the production values we used to go to Tampa to access—and that we could do it affordably.”

Jim Scott, co-founder and former partner of Off Kilter Productions, heads up video shooting and editing, while Becca Dahmen handles production management and styling.

“We’re proud to be part of the growing film and video production community in this region,” says Scott. “As more projects come to Sarasota, there will be many opportunities for everyone that does great work.”

Odato Marketing owns all of the equipment the firm needs to produce high-quality television commercials, corporate and training videos, trade show videos, multimedia Web content and YouTube videos in 1080p HD, only supplementing with rentals and outside support for the largest productions.

Visit StudioSarasota.com

Odato Marketing

Odato Marketing

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