And now that more than 40,000 companies are using the HubSpot marketing platform, our team has become a certified HubSpot Partner Agency. We also work with clients using other tools and platforms to implement content marketing (aka inbound marketing) campaigns. Inbound marketing is a philosophy that recognizes the power of your customer to control how she or he spends time online and favors using quality content to create a connection over interruptive (outbound) advertising.

The Inbound Methodology

While some agencies have embraced inbound exclusively, Odato Marketing’s recommendations are not limited. Our recommendations often contain traditional and digital elements using a combination of inbound and outbound methodology.

  • HubSpot Partner Agency
  • In-House Content Creation
  • Content Writing and Design
  • Video Content Production
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Blogs, Forms and Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation and Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation and Automated Lead Nurturing
  • Database Development and Management
  • Social Media Marketing, Monitoring and Amplification