Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all. I heard this quote from someone in Ireland today: It’s not a recession…it’s pre-boom.

Since we started Odato Marketing Group five years ago, several people have asked me about our logo. “Hey O’Data–what’s with the shamrock?” First, I tell them that Odato is Italian (although my maternal grandmother was an O’Neill). Then I tell them about Odato Luck.

You should know that I don’t believe in luck. Never have. But right around the time when I was searching for an icon for our logo, my good friend Bill Gruber accused me of having something he called “Odato Luck.” He pointed out that good things just seem to happen to me and that, in his opinion, I was much luckier than most.

After some colorful and eloquent ribbing in his inimitable style, Bill went on to say that he thinks I make my own luck by working hard, being prepared and, most important, having an ultra-positive attitude. There it was. The formula for Odato Luck. Good luck for people who don’t believe in luck, but believe in themselves and the win-win. That’s what inspired our shamrock icon. Sometimes it’s just that simple.


Odato Marketing

Odato Marketing

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